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Q: M+Stellar shuts down immediately after startup.

A: Visit the Windows Store to check for an update. Updating to the newest version may fix the problem.

If the problem persists, it is likely that Visual C++ Runtime is required to be installed, which is available from the page below.

In the webpage, click Download button to proceed to select the appropriate file for your OS. Click Next to begin download.

Q: I want to use M+Stellar on my new tablet. Do I have to pay for the app again?

A: No. The app can be downloaded and installed on more than two devices by signing in to the Windows Store using the same Microsoft account.

Please refer to Microsoft webpage for questions regarding purchasing/installing the app on Windows Store.


Not available.


You can read the manual in application.


Your question and opinion about this software are welcome.

If you have a question or trouble information, inform your PC type and OS version to us.


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