Xplns Ver.3.3
Astronomy Simulation

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Constellation Constellation
Figure, border line, name of solar objects
Grid Grid
Horizontal coordinates grid, equatorial line and ecliptic line
Nebulae and galaxies Nebulae and galaxies
Nebulae and galaxies in horizontal mode with information window
Planisphere Planisphere
Planisphere mode with grid of equatorial coordinates, equator, etc.
Solar system Solar system
Solar system mode with planet name and comets
All-Sky mode All-Sky mode
All-Sky mode with equatorial grid
i18n Internationalized
Multi-language support (English, French, Japanese)
Diurnal motion Diurnal motion
Diurnal motion view in horizontal mode
Graphics Image Graphics Image
Graphics by clicking image button in information window
What's today What's today
Rise, set and meridian time of solar objects
Object information Object information
Information window for celestial objects

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