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JPEG(172KB) May. 21, 1999
23:14 (AZtime)

Meade Pictor 416XT Exposure 30s / Takahashi EM-200
Wright schmidt camera (F3.8,D125mm,f475mm)
by Kazuyuki Tanaka in Tucson, AZ. U.S.A.

Supernova 1998S

JPEG(71KB) Mar. 7, 1998
25:22 JST(20 sec.)

MUTOH CV-16 Ai Nikkor ED400mm F5.6(F5.6)
by KenIchi Kadota and Seiichi Yoshida, at Ibaraki Japan

Supernova 1998S
A new supernova discovered as 15.2 mag at BAO on Mar. 2. It was bright as 12.6 mag on that day and easy to see visually.
(IAUC 6835)
The supernova was reported as 12.0 mag on Mar. 11. The position is near by chi-UMa, so it is a good target.
JPEG(71KB) Mar. 7, 1998
23:44 JST (10 sec.)

MUTOH CV-16 Meade 25-cm f/6.3 Schmidt Cassegrain
by Seiichi Yoshida and KenIchi Kadota, at Ibaraki Japan

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