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Last Updated Nov 3, 2005

Hello, this is home page of AJIKI Osamu.

Thank you for visiting AstroArts home page. Our WEB site was at 10th anniversary on 1st of March 2005, We'll provide more pleasant and more useful page from now on. Please send me suggestion.

My Works

Free Software
Xplns Version 3.3
Astronomy Simulation for PC-UNIX
(Last updated: Oct 6, 2003)

Free Software
(Last updated: January 22, 2001)

Free Software
Time synchronization daemon for VMware guest OS (UNIX)
(Last updated: May 2, 2003)

Unmelted Snow and Comet Hale-Bopp Unmelted Snow and Comet Hale-Bopp
Picture: March 28, 1997 7:35pm JST, Yamagata Pref., Japan.
PENTAX-K2(35mm F4) Fuji-Super G800, Exposure 20 sec.

Asteroid Ajiki ( 8046 = 1995 BU )

Orbit of Asteroid Ajiki (OrbitViewer)

(8046) Ajiki = 1995 BU
     Discovered 1995 Jan. 25 by T. Kobayashi at Oizumi.
     Osamu Ajiki (b. 1965), an amateur astronomer and computer
programmer, contributed to the popularization of astronomy by
developing a wide variety of astronomical software that is regularly
used by astronomers around the world.

Links - Astronomy Software for UNIX

XEphem / Ephem
Ephemeris, XEphem can display starry sky and solar system.

Star chart for X Window System. GSC is available.

Gtk interface of traditional software "starchart".

Graphic display of N-Body problem.

Beautiful earth on your root window. I like xphoom, too.

Common image processing software for X Window System.

Personal Data

Name Ajiki, Osamu
PGP Key pgpkey.txt
Born in Shinjyo-City, Yamagata pref., Japan
Address Nerima-Ku Tokyo, Japan
E-Mail osam-a@astroarts.co.jp

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